Die Geschichte des Wiener Design Labels von Stefanie Kukla
The variable KUKLA fits to every woman, wardrobe and occasion.
Dress, skirt, scarf, poncho, vest: KUKLA is as flexible as the women wearing the one-size masterpiece.
All bits and pieces come from wonderful Europe, they are sustainably sewed by hand in beautiful Vienna.
KUKLA attended the Austrian puls4 TV-show „2Minuten 2Millionen“ and acquired Hans-Peter Haselsteiner plus ImWind as investors and top business angels. 
Stefanie Kukla & Magdalena Auer
Stefanie was born in Wallsee (Lower Austria) and grew up in a full house family, prepared for life by three wonderful brothers. She worked in various fields like Sales, Marketing and Public Relations.

About 4 years ago, Stefanie Kukla wanted to have a garment, that one can wear in different versions – a garment, that adapts to various needs and everyday life.

Stefanie realized quickly, that she’s not the only one facing this problem. At least once a week every woman urges to be well-dressed in a short time.

Since November 2015 KUKLA is conquering the world and stands for passionate women, working hard and enjoying life. Hands-on women, who love to create their lives – and their own #madamekukla styles.

KUKLA stands for unique, handmade garments, made in Europe with love.

Magdalena Auer, Head of Solutions
"I always wanted to work for a company, where I can actively participate and work on many different topics. >KUKLA< is a rising label, and it's great to be part of that success story."
Magdalena studies at the University of Vienna, has a creative mind, loves traveling and exploring.
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