Our values

Our values

My journey with MADAME KUKLA began in 2015. I, Stefanie Kukla, was looking for a piece of clothing that would adapt to my life. A piece of clothing that does what I want every day anew. Now, 8 years later, there are almost 23,000 customers who wear the versatile all-rounder. And there is a huge community that lets us know every day that MADAME KUKLA is more than just a piece of clothing.

Stefanie Kukla, founder of MADAME KUKLA

Together with our dear #madamekuklas, we have now formulated our 5 values ​​for the first time and are ready for you here! Many thanks in this way to all the great ideas and word creations of yours, which can now be found here:

Our versatile garment hugs you, it goes with you, it's generous and it's forgiving. Almost like a hug to go. If you want, you can even rediscover yourself a little with it.

With us there is no right or wrong: you wrap, clip and combine your wrap exactly as you want. All fresh and free and wonderful.

#madamekuklas are happy, they approach each other, they encourage each other and together they bring a refreshing piece of light-heartedness into the world.

This convertible garment was my dream, now it's a reality. We show you that you can shape and change. With your super power heroine cape you have both hands free and conquer every day anew with a lot of tailwind!

MADAME KUKLA connects women in their endless diversity. Every woman will find a wrap that she feels comfortable in. Which piece of clothing can still claim that?