Summer time is travel time

This time we would like to know exactly which of the wrap dresses travels most often and to which exciting places our colorful models end up. Therefore finds from June 14th to September 21st the Instagram TRAVEL CHALLENGE instead of.


Follow the current status here:

Unsere Wickelkleider in Deutschland und Österreich
Unsere Wickelkleider in Europa
Unsere Wickelkleider auf der ganzen Welt

First impressions of our TRAVEL CHALLENGE

Here you get a little insight into the travel events of our #madamekuklas and their colorful diapers.











Our Conditions of Participation

  • Post a holiday photo of you in your MADAME KUKLA wrap dress on Instagram - as a story or in the feed.



  • Set a location pin to show us where you took the photo (a landmark in the background or similar would be great).


  • Make sure you have a public Instagram profile.


  • Aaand you are automatically entered into our competition. :)


We wish you and your wrap dress a safe journey!

A travel package from MADAME KUKLA worth EUR 334 awaits you as a prize.

Are you still curious?

On our Blog we provide you with lots of inspiration about summer and travel.