How To

How To

Whether it's a dress, scarf, waistcoat or skirt - wrap a new unique piece every day that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. With our wrap instructions and a little time in front of the mirror, the spark will jump, we promise you that!

7 day crash course

To quickly get used to your new wrap dress, take a few minutes in front of the mirror over the next 7 days. Every day we send you a new look with step-by-step instructions from Steffi via WhatsApp. Register for the 7-day crash course by clicking on "Let's go" and sending the automatically generated message on WhatsApp.

Tag 1 - Die halboffene Weste
Tag 2 - Der Schal
Tag 3 - Das magische Dreieck
Tag 4 - Das Knotenkleid
Tag 5 - Das V-Kleid
Tag 6 - Das asymmetrische Oberteil
Tag 7 - Das verkehrte Kleid

Printable wrap instructions

Tina, an incredibly ambitious and talented #madamekukla illustrated some of our wrapping instructions. You can download them here, print them out and put them in your closet so you always have them to hand.