Covid Info Page

Covid-19 Update


We'll get in touch from the Homeoffice with you.

As a team, we are geographically separated at the moment, ours KUKLA dream, of unique, versatile and unaffected fashion but we are pursuing it more than ever.

Now it says stick together, think positive and be there for each other at a distance. We are still there for you, providing you with our photos and styling inspiration on social media, we are happy to receive your ideas and color requests and keep our online shop open.

We want them here most important KUKLA information share with you to be as transparent as possible as usual.



Our long-standing logistics partner has assured us that as long as it is possible to comply with the security measures, all orders can also be shipped. However, shipping may take a little longer than usual. If anything changes here, we will inform you immediately. It is clear that the health of the employees is the top priority.

Before you place your order, please find out here whether the delivery partners (Post, GLS etc.) can deliver in your area. Deliveries may not be made to locations that are in quarantine.

Return kidneys

Returns will continue to be accepted, albeit with a slightly longer processing time than usual. We very much hope for your understanding. We also understand that you need a little more time for returns and have that during the Corona period Return period extended to one month.


We can continue to produce and sew KUKLAs, albeit with slight restrictions. Our largest production partner is currently running on an emergency basis, so a second company and long-standing KUKLA expert will now take on some orders from us in the 16th district of Vienna. The small production facility that sews our tie belts and mini-KUKLAs had to close temporarily, so it will take a while before we can get supplies here again. We keep you up to date!

Take care! If you have any questions, we are always there for you: