KUKLA don't hurry, be curry with one bordeaux red clip included

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available from September 15th

KUKLA bordeaux/curry

The Souks of Marrakech inspired us to create your perfect partner for autumn. This KUKLA is a must-have in the trendy colors bordeaux/curry.

It’s a very comfy fabric. Velvety-soft on one side and a cotton fabric on the other side.

Get your ideal partner from 1001 Nights!

Important: Please iron it with low heat on the bordeaux colored site! 

All our KUKLAs are:

  • asymmetric
  • one-size (EU size 36 - 42)
  • double-face 
  • washable with 30 degrees 
  • sewed by hand in Vienna 

 This KUKLA consists of 47% CO, 43% PA and 10% EA.

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